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Germany & Austria: Ebikes - Deductibles & Fees


Bike unavailable for repair or maintenance appointment: €30

Bike unavailable for pickup after contract cancelation: €50

No-show at delivery: €30

Bike theft and loss

Bike stolen when not locked: €1800 (Theft of the battery not included)

Bike stolen when properly locked: €300

Bike, battery and accessories if not returned after the expiration of the subscription: €2000

Battery theft and loss

Battery stolen/lost (with or without bike): €200

Accessory replacements (see supplementary regulation for full cover insurance)

Phone case replacement: €30

Basket replacement: €30

Lock replacement: €50

Battery key replacement: €10

Battery charger replacement: €50

Child seat replacement: €150

Allen Key (to adjust your saddle) replacement: €5

Collection of the vehicle in special cases (depending on expenses)

Bike pickup outside of service area: from €80

Bike pickup due to late payment: up to €200

Unauthorized commercial use

Bike used for commercial purposes without prior authorization: €2000

Bike sublet for commercial purposes: €2000

Fees for damage to the vehicle

Severe damage to the vehicle (case-by-case decision): up to €1800

Damage to bend carrier: €80

Cleaning in case of extraordinary soiling: €50

Other fees

Sepa Dispute or Credit Card Chargeback: €20

For registration after January 10, 2023 potential security payment required: up to €1800

Full cover insurance

Theft of bike or accessories when mounted on the bike (applies to child seat, basket, Smartphone holder and lock): €0

Note: The full cover Insurance does not cover theft of individual accessories such as charger, bike lock, cell phone case, battery lock key or Allen key for saddle fixation.