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Germany & Austria: Ebikes - Deductibles & Fees


Bike unavailable for repair or maintenance appointment: €30

Bike unavailable for pickup after contract cancelation: €50

No-show at delivery: €30

Bike theft and loss

Bike stolen when not locked: €1800 (Theft of the battery not included)

Bike stolen when properly locked: €300

Bike, battery and accessories if not returned after the expiration of the subscription: €2000

Battery theft and loss

Battery stolen/lost (with or without bike): €200

Accessory theft and loss (see supplementary regulation for Extra insurance)

Phone case: €30

Basket: €30

Lock: €50

Battery key: €10

Battery charger: €50

Child seat: €150

Allen Key (to adjust your saddle): €5

Collection of the vehicle in special cases (depending on expenses)

Customer drop-off at non Dance Station: €50

Bike pickup outside of service area: from €80

Bike pickup due to late payment: up to €200

Unauthorized commercial use

Bike used for commercial purposes without prior authorization: €2000

Bike sublet for commercial purposes: €2000

Fees for damage to the vehicle

Accident report not sent to Dance within seven days after the incident: Member bears all accident damages

Severe damage to the vehicle (case-by-case decision): up to €1800

Damage to bend carrier: €80

Cleaning in case of extraordinary soiling: €50

Other fees

Sepa Dispute or Credit Card Chargeback: €20

For registration after January 10, 2023 potential security payment required: up to €1800

Extra insurance

Theft of bike or accessories when mounted on the bike (applies to child seat, basket, smartphone holder and lock): €0

Note: The Extra insurance does not cover theft of individual accessories such as charger, bike lock, cell phone case, battery lock key or allen key for saddle fixation. Theft and loss of the battery is also excluded from the Extra insurance coverage.