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Germany: Emopeds - Deductibles & Fees


Moped unavailable for repair or maintenance appointment: €30

Moped unavailable for pickup after contract cancelation: €50

No-show at delivery: €30

Moped theft and loss (see supplementary regulation for Extra insurance)

Moped stolen when not properly secured: up to €3000 (Theft of the battery included)

Moped stolen when properly secured: up to €500

Moped, battery and accessories if not returned after the expiration of the subscription: €3000

Accessory theft and loss (see supplementary regulation for Extra insurance)

Key: €30

Remote (including replacement security system): €120

Topcase: €70

Topcase key: €25

Battery standard range: €900

Battery extended range: €1300

Smartphone holder: €30

Helmet: €70

Charger: €150

Vehicle registration certificate: €100

License plate: €100

Collection of the vehicle in special cases (depending on expenses)

Customer drop-off at non Dance Station: €50

Moped pickup outside of service area: from €80 Moped pickup due to late payment: up to €200

Unauthorized commercial use

Moped used for commercial purposes without prior authorization: €2000

Moped sublet for commercial purposes: €2000

Repairs due to accidents, vandalism or vehicle damage

Accident report not sent to Dance within seven days after the incident: Member bears all accident damages

Missing accident report: Member bears all accident damages

Repair (calculation of actual repair costs): up to €3000

Moped Panel Replacement in case of severe damages without accident report: €100

Cleaning in case of extraordinary soiling: €50

Moped-Key, which is locked under the seat or in the top case (repair needed): €40

Other fees

Sepa Dispute or Credit Card Chargeback: €20

Traffic Ticket handling: €20

Shipping personal items after cancellation of the subscription: €10 minimum (depending on size and weight of item)

For registration after January 10, 2023 potential security payment required: up to €3000

Extra insurance

Theft moped or accessories, if mounted on the moped (applies to topcase, battery, smartphone holder, helmet, vehicle registration certificate and license plate): €0

Note: The Extra insurance does not cover loss/theft of individual accessories such as key, remote control, charger and keys for the top case.