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"Hamburg is a bike-sized city" Meet Nick, Hamburg City Lead
Bike in Hamburg
As Dance expands to a second market, we wanted to introduce you to the people that make our convenient service possible: Hamburg city lead Nick. Let’s learn his approach to serving the “bike-sized city”! 

What brought you to Dance?

I’m a former journalist that used to cover everything from sports to elections in the United Kingdom, where I’m from. Then, I took a stint as a copywriter in Estonia, worked in a cabin crew and high-growth logistics startups – I’m done it all!
What really drew me to Dance was the mission. It’s a great product, and the opportunity to make Hamburg a better place was really compelling. The more bikes we can get on the streets instead of cars, the better.
Team in Hamburg

Nick and his team in the Hamburg workshop

What are your favorite aspects of Hamburg?

I love it here in Hamburg, especially having lived here for almost five years. It feels free. There’s this great juxtaposition of nature and the harbor. And of course, there’s culture everywhere. And, plenty of bike lanes and infrastructure mean you can get everywhere by cycling. It’s the perfect bike-sized city.

Describe the team culture you’re building in the Hamburg workshop.

For me, it’s important to work somewhere where you can build authentic connections with people. Even in the interview process, I knew that the overall culture at Dance was very human-oriented.
That’s the spirit we want to create in the workshop. Mechanics, drivers, local operations: we are open, communicative and aim to support one another.

Where are your favorite places to cycle in the city?

In my free time, I coach and play football, so several times a week I have the privilege to do a great ride through Hamburg where I can go from the Alster and the top of the canals, go by the channel and then end up in Fuhlsbüttel with a dramatic view of a plane flying overhead.

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

As soon as the weather’s better, I look forward to riding to the countryside, Altes Land, and picking fruit. It’ll be a great day to spend with my partner!
And on the Dance side, we’re just getting started. Even though we’re still in pilot stage, it’s been great to get to know our first members here in Hamburg and to help them find a new way to approach mobility.
A tip I have for anyone that sees a distinctive Dance ebike around Hamburg: book a delivery! You can always test ride it and decide after you try it whether you want to continue with a membership. But it’s hard to say no: it’s genuinely one of the smoothest and most brilliant products I’ve seen. The fact that you get doorstep delivery, on-demand repairs and a team to support you cycling means that you can focus on exploring Hamburg instead of waiting for maintenance. 
I genuinely believe in it, and look forward to seeing more people riding Dance ebikes in Hamburg! 

If you want to be become part of the mission to make Hamburg more sustainable, you can still apply to join the pilot programme here, or become part of our team on the ground making it possible.

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