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Leo Girl in Paris

Rent your ebike in Paris on a subscription

Get your own rental bike, free repairs on demand, and theft insurance—all for a fixed monthly price.

Ebikes starting from /mo

Your Dance subscription includes

Your own electric bike with removable battery

Full service: doorstep delivery, speedy customer support, and repairs within 24 hours

Theft protection: strong lock, theft insurance, and bike replacement

Connected app: track your rides, manage your subscription, and order repairs

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Diamond bike transparent

How does Dance work?

Dance makes owning an ebike easy. Everything you need is included in one subscription: a quality electric bike and secure lock, responsive customer service, free on-demand maintenance, and theft coverage.

1 — Choose your bike: diamond frame or step-through 

2 — Add optional accessories: basket, phone holder, child seat

3 — Pick a subscription plan: monthly or annual

4 — Choose a delivery slot and get your ebike within days

5 — Have fun and ride safely!

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Meet your new bike

Experience a smoother ride. Beautifully designed light ebike to get you where you’re going with zero hassle, no sweat—and all the fun.

Rediscover Paris by ebike

With more than 1,000 km of bike paths, Paris has learned to take care of its cyclists. Electric bikes like the Dance ebike are becoming the ultimate means of getting around the city efficiently—without breaking a sweat.

Riding an ebike in Paris is also an opportunity to take gentle strolls along the quays and canals, to discover those alleys that you never explore by foot, and to take a trip beyond the ring road, along the 6,000 kilometers of bike paths in the Île-de-France region.

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Paris City

As seen in

C’est un super vélo. On va à 25 km/h en un rien de temps. Pour aller de chez moi à mon bureau, normalement c’était 35 minutes en voiture. Là, j’y suis en 20 minutes.

L’assistance électrique du vélo fait office de booster pour prendre de la vitesse ou gravir une côte !

Dance, le vélo premium à prix canon !