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Five sustainable holiday gift ideas
Looking for thoughtful holiday gifts with a sustainable edge? Get inspired with these ideas for the eco-conscious special someone in your life.

That’s a wrap

A stylish - and timely! - way to reduce single-use plastic is choosing your wrapping paper wisely - that’s where beeswax paper comes in. Made of natural wax, cotton, and vegetable oil, this wrap can be used in the kitchen to keep food fresh as well as to bundle something special, like a book about the future of cities. It is washable and reusable, replacing single-use plastic wrap: sustainable gifting can be practical too.

Bee creative

Bees are essential to the world’s biodiversity and food chain. Why not consider supporting a beehive on behalf of someone sweet to you? Adopt your own beehive, give it a name, and your “honey” gets a certificate to proudly hang.

A sustainable commute

This year, why not gift a Dance ebike subscription to your loved ones in Berlin? A gift membership can be redeemed any time in the next year and can be given in 1, 2 or 3 month increments: the ultimate sustainable gift that’s also pragmatic. Membership includes full-service repairs/maintenance, a premium ebike and the knowledge that for every ebike trip taken over a car trip, the city can become more livable.
Woman trialing the Dance One ebike

When in doubt, DIY

As you craft holiday food and drink, don’t throw out those extra oranges and star anise pieces! You can make pretty, natural and fragrant DIY ornaments. Thinly slice oranges  and dry them out in the oven on a baking sheet for 4-6 hours at 82 degrees Celsius. Once dry, arrange the star anise and orange together on strings for a zero-waste garland or additional sustainable accent decoration for a gift.
Most of all, enjoy the time with loved ones; ‘tis the season for joy, the sustainable way!

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