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Dance makes Berlin holidays greener with the newly launched Gifting feature
Dance Founding Event Member
Looking for a unique, practical and sustainable (and potentially, last-minute) gift? Dance, the ebike subscription company in Berlin can help. Starting today, Dec. 1, anyone can give one, two or three months of membership to someone special.
Still not convinced? Here are all the reasons why gifting Dance is a merry time...
  • It’s the stylish but practical gift they’d never get themselves: A gifted Dance membership provides your loved one with a unique-looking ride, and they don’t have to worry about anything. Our expert mechanics can be at your loved one’s doorstep within 24 hours if they need a repair, maintenance and more (replacement parts, insurance and accessories included). 
  • No commitment necessary: They can choose when to activate their membership for up to one year, and they can stop their membership at any time. 
  • Trending alert: Research shows that almost 40% of Europeans are open to trying an ebike over public transportation this winter, and there are huge benefits.
  • It’s easy for you: Fear not, busy gift-giver! You don’t need your loved one’s address or phone number. Once you purchase the gift, we’ll give you a link to give to them digitally. Gift-givers can even print out a beautifully designed voucher to tuck into a card wishing the season’s greetings.
And, there’s the societal benefit of more ebikes on the streets...
The best reason to give Dance this holiday season is that you can give friends and family something fun to look forward to. And don’t we all need a little bit more joy in our lives?

To gift someone you love a Dance membership, click here: Frequently asked questions can be found here: For more about the Dance service in Berlin, click here.
Dance's gifting feature will only be live until Dec. 31, 2021.

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