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8 reasons subscribing to your ebike or moped makes sense
From movies to software, from cars to technology, subscription services are taking over. But what are the benefits of paying for temporary access compared with owning a product? We can’t speak for the others, but we do know that subscribing to your bike or moped makes total sense. Here’s why:

Pay less upfront

You can easily spend €2000 or more on a top-of-the-range ebike—and even more for a moped. When you add in the cost of a strong enough lock, and theft insurance, that’s a lot of money to part with upfront. Dance gives you a top-quality vehicle, including locks and insurance, for as little as €59/month.

Access is fast and easy

Saving up, comparing models, waiting for shipment, and assembling your new ebike all take time and effort. With Dance, just sign up via the app, and we deliver a fully-assembled ride to your door within days, so you can spend more time enjoying the ride.

It’s totally stress-free

When you’ve spent thousands on a new bike, even leaving it outside the supermarket for 10 minutes can feel stressful. All Dance vehicles come with extra-strong locks, and are covered by theft insurance, so if the worst happens, we’ll replace your ride within days.
Man locking Dance One ebike with Kyptonite lock

No nasty surprises

If you’re (very) lucky, a bike that you buy will need to be serviced once a year. More likely, if you use your bike every day, there will be flat tires, squeaky brakes and broken lights to fix—and you can’t easily budget for the unknown. 
Maintenance costs will vary depending on the issue, and how much your local repair shop charges, but we can estimate them for a typical year:
  • Tune-up every 6 months: €60–€120
  • Puncture repair: €20–€50
  • Brake adjustment: €10–€40
  • Chain maintenance: €90–€110
  • Electrical system diagnosis: €30–€50
  • Cable and sheath replacement: €15–€25
(Source: Upway)
Based on this estimate, you could be paying up to €1115 in maintenance and repair costs every year. And, if your battery needs replacing (every 3–6 years), that’s an extra €300–€600. 
A Dance bike or moped will cost you the same every month, no matter what happens. All repairs are free of charge, completed within 24 hours, and you don’t even need to be there.

Total flexibility

What if you move cities? What if you have kids? What if you decide a moped would suit you better than a bike? With a bought vehicle, you’d have to think about selling it, or paying to have it transported. With Dance, you can switch vehicles, add and remove accessories to suit your changing needs, and, if you’re on the monthly plan, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You’ll always have a bike or moped in top working condition

When you subscribe to Dance, your bike or moped will be updated with the latest hardware, repaired, or replaced with an identical vehicle that’s in even better condition. A bike or moped that you own will only lose value over its lifetime, needing to be repaired with expensive parts, and eventually replaced with a brand new model.
Woman with Dance Moped

A lot less waste

In Germany, there are nearly as many bicycles as there are citizens. When you discount young children and bear in mind that only 26.2% of people cycle more than once a week, that’s an awful lot of bikes standing around gathering dust and taking up space. When you subscribe to your bike, you can keep it for as long or as little as you like. So when you’re taking a break from riding, you can send it back to Dance for somebody else to enjoy. This circularity results in fewer unused bikes, and less need for new bikes to be manufactured. 
And, when a bike reaches the end of its life, Dance will deal with it responsibly so that you don’t have to.

Subscribing to a full service saves you time

With Dance, you’re not just getting an ebike or moped—we’re taking care of all the admin, too. So you’ll never need to go to the repair shop again, never need to talk to the police if your ride goes missing, and never have to deal with a separate insurance company.
So, if you need quick, easy, flexible access to a personal electric vehicle—without the admin of owning it—start your Dance subscription today.

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