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A day in the life of a Dance driver: Bea
Driver Bea + Van
Every Dance bike and moped is delivered to your door by one of our local drivers. Usually, they’re the only member of the Dance team you’ll meet in person, and they have a very important job—introducing you to your new electric ride and getting you ready to hit the road. Meet Bea—one of our drivers from Berlin—and find out what it’s like making new Dance members happy every day.
What’s a typical day like for you as a Dance driver?
Usually I come to the workshop by train and bicycle. In the morning it’s quite chill here and everyone’s just minding their own business—then it starts! We load all the vehicles into the vans, ready to be delivered. I really like the shifts before midday because there’s less traffic and everything feels easier. I get assigned tasks through an app on my phone and I just go task by task. When I deliver a bike, I give the customer an introduction and show them how everything works. Usually people are so grateful to me for delivering their bike—it’s like giving them a present!
What made you want to work at Dance? 
I was looking for a more long term job and Dance looked really nice. I had experience as a driver and I’m interested in environmental protection, so I thought that working for a company with a sustainable mission would be good. And it’s close to my home, so I was lucky!
What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?
Seeing happy customers and getting positive feedback. We have a good chat sometimes—that’s really nice. And I also have to say, the team. The shift leads here really are angels and you can rely on them for anything. No question is too silly! And they’ve always made me feel comfortable being—until recently—the only female driver.
And what’s the most challenging part?
As a female driver, it’s probably the toilet situation on the road. It’s a 5-hour shift and it’s really important to me to stay hydrated. So yeah, this is really challenging sometimes. It’s also challenging for the male drivers, but not such a big deal. Usually, I just ask in restaurants. We’re working on a map of all the public restrooms in the city to share with the whole team soon. And the traffic can be challenging, of course. 
Any advice for people thinking of going into the same kind of job?
I’d say, as a driver, you must like to drive! And be good at communication. You need to be able to connect with people easily, always be polite, and always have a smile on your face. 
What do you do to switch off after work?
I usually do yoga. I’m a yoga instructor and that really calms me down. Or I go out with friends, bouldering and so on. I live a pretty active life, which I would recommend if you do this job, because it’s heavy work lifting bicycles and mopeds all day. But I also get pretty strong in my chest, so it has benefits for sure! 
If you’re excited about emobility, care about great customer service, and want to join Bea and our awesome team of drivers, mechanics, assembly specialists, customer support specialists, shift leads, and city leads, check out our open positions here. We have Dance workshops in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Paris and Vienna.

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