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Dance And MILES Partner Up To Enhance Easier Access To Sustainable Urban Mobility
Dance x Miles
June 14, 2023 - As urban areas face increasing challenges related to traffic congestion, pollution, and limited parking space, e-mobility subscription service Dance and car-sharing provider MILES have partnered to offer easier access to sustainable urban mobility: The first offer will roll out this week in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.
How does it work? Dance customers will get a MILES discount code in the Dance app, which they can then enter in the signup process in the MILES app. MILES customers will receive the Dance code attached to the signup link.
As pioneers in their respective fields, Dance and MILES are dedicated to transforming the way people move around cities. This partnership aligns with their shared vision of creating sustainable and accessible urban mobility options that benefit individuals and communities alike.
"We are thrilled to partner with MILES to offer a holistic transportation solution that combines the best of e-bikes and shared cars," said Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, Founder & CEO at Dance. "By connecting our platforms, we aim to simplify the urban mobility experience and empower users to make smarter, greener choices when navigating the city."
Leonard Meier, Head of Business Development at MILES, added, “It's all about thinking from the user's point of view. Since MILES and Dance users have already chosen a more sustainable form of mobility, the partnership aims to make it easier for them to explore other players in this field as well - and thus to ultimately get around even more flexibly.”
The key benefits of the new partnership include:
Dance and MILES are committed to providing cost-effective alternatives to car ownership. By subscribing to Dance's e-bike service and utilizing MILES' car-sharing platform, users can reduce transportation expenses without compromising on quality or convenience. With Dance's fleet of stylish and easy-to-use e-bikes and MILES' wide selection of shared vehicles, individuals will have access to a diverse range of transportation options tailored to their needs. This strategic collaboration opens up endless possibilities for users to navigate the city with unparalleled convenience and flexibility.
Sustainable Mobility: By combining e-bikes and shared cars, the partnership encourages sustainable transportation choices and contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. Users will have the freedom to choose the most eco-friendly option for their daily commutes or occasional trips, supporting a greener and cleaner environment.
Increased Accessibility: The partnership aims to improve accessibility to urban mobility by offering a wider range of options. Users will have the flexibility to select the most suitable mode of transportation for their needs, whether it be a quick ride on an e-bike or a longer journey with a shared car.
Cost-Effective Solution: Dance and MILES are committed to providing cost-effective alternatives to car ownership. By subscribing to Dance's e-bike service and utilizing MILES’' car-sharing platform, users can significantly reduce transportation expenses without compromising on quality or convenience.
Users can stay updated on the latest developments and be among the first to experience the combined benefits of this transformative partnership by downloading the Dance and MILES mobile apps.
About Dance:
At Dance, we believe getting where you want to go should be simple and sustainable. With our full service emobility subscription, members can easily explore their city with an electric bike or moped while benefiting from included maintenance, repairs and insurance. Both individuals and businesses can make convenient and fun mobility choices without the hassle of ownership: membership is flexible. Ultimately, Dance believes that the more people use electric mobility, the closer we get to connected and livable cities. 
Dance is currently live in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich (Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Paris (France). The company was founded by SoundCloud founders Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung, together with the co-founder of Jimdo, Christian Springub. Investors include BlueYard, HV Capital and Eurazeo. To find out more, visit
About Miles:
MILES believes in a world where mobility is shared, sustainable, and accessible to everyone. We are creating an alternative to private car ownership with the goal to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and improve urban life.
  • MILES offers station-independent car sharing in 9 German and 3 Belgian cities. The service includes billing according to kilometers driven as well as hourly and daily packages of up to 30 days.
  • With MILES Subscription, users can flexibly rent a car anywhere in Germany for a period from 2 to 24 months, including tax, maintenance and insurance.

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