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Dance as a work perk: a win-win-win situation
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Why you should switch green apples for green credentials
For companies to attract the best talent in 2022, it’s no longer enough to offer a competitive salary, a pension plan and free fruit. Whereas most job-hunters used to ask, “What can this company do for me?” a new generation of workers is asking, “What is this company doing for the world?” 
It’s no surprise. A 2022 Deloitte survey of Gen Z and millennials found that one in four considers climate change their top concern—above unemployment, physical and mental health, and crime. The vast majority of younger workers also think businesses have a responsibility to tackle environmental and social issues—and they won’t hesitate to leave companies that can’t meet their standards. 37% of Gen Zs and 36% of millennials have rejected a job or assignment that went against their personal ethics. 
It’s not easy being green—but we’re here to help!
Building sustainability into your business is a great idea—for the good of our planet and your team’s sense of pride in what they do. But it’s a mission that takes time, care and hard work. Luckily, there’s a much faster, easier way to do good and to support your team members in living the kind of life they value—with sustainable work perks. In the same 2022 Deloitte survey, participants said that sustainability-oriented employee benefits (such as electric vehicle subsidies and cycle-to-work schemes) were a top priority. Visible, tangible actions like offering transport subsidies and banning single-use plastic at work can give people the chance to get involved and feel that they’re contributing to positive change. 
And it just so happens that Dance offers the perfect sustainable work perk! We partner with companies to offer their team members flexible electric bike and moped subscriptions. 
6 reasons a Dance subscription is the perfect perk

Give your team a better commute

Would you rather stand in a packed, sweaty train or zoom to the office in the fresh air with a stop at your favorite bakery? For the same price as a transport ticket, you can start every day on the right foot (and on two wheels).

It’s not just a work perk—it’s a life perk

Most Dance members use the same bike or moped they commute with to get out of the city on weekend adventures. A Dance ride will help recharge your batteries and make the most of life outside of work.

It’s personal

Diverse teams have diverse needs; there’s a Dance vehicle and accessories to suit every lifestyle. Choose between a moped, step-through bike or diamond frame bike. Parents can add child seats, shoppers can add baskets, and suburb-dwellers can get a long range battery for their moped.

Flexible transport for flexible workers

Whether you’re working from the office or a cafe, a Dance ride will take you straight where you want to go—no platform changes or replacement bus services.

Help your team do their bit for the city

An electric vehicle is a great individual benefit—and a perk for everybody living in the same city. The more journeys made by bike, the cleaner and safer the streets become.

It’s super easy

When you decide to get Dance for your team, we take care of everything—from sign-up to delivery to cancellation. So no matter how big your team grows, there’s no admin for you—just a single monthly invoice.
Interested? Here’s all you need to know if you’re an employer:
  • Dance for Business is available in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Paris
  • Choose which vehicles to offer your team—electric bikes, electric mopeds, or both
  • It’s easy. Once the agreement is signed, your team members manage their own Dance subscription and we take care of the rest
Sign up to Dance for Business
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