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Dance ebikes are now available with popular child seats from Thule
Thule x Dance - Graphic
  • Dance members enjoy the benefits of an ebike or moped on a monthly rental basis without having to invest in owning a bicycle, and benefit from an on-call repair and concierge service.
  • Starting today, Dance members can choose to rent the popular child seat model Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi in addition to their Dance ebike.
Berlin, 16 August 2022 - According to a recent study*, on average seven out of ten consumers in Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands (71 percent), including many parents, want to switch to healthier and more sustainable ways of getting around, such as ebikes. However, they shy away from the high purchase costs.
With Dance's flexible ebike subscription, environmentally conscious parents in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich can use this new form of mobility without having to invest in owning an ebike. And the best thing is that, by popular demand from its community and after a successful test phase, Dance is launching a partnership with Thule, the popular manufacturer of child seats and bike trailers from Sweden.
From now on, Dance members can optionally rent the popular child seat model Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi with their Dance ebike. The seat is a real all-round talent: though it can carry a load of up to 22 kg, the seat itself only weighs 4.6 kg. The padded 5-point harness with child-proof safety belt buckle, shock-absorbing seat, adjustable footrests and foot loops, integrated reflector and water-repellent materials make it a top-quality choice. 
Carefree mobility
Dance, the startup from the founders of SoundCloud and Jimdo, offers electric bikes and mopeds on a monthly subscription basis. Within a short time after booking, the company delivers an ebike ready to ride directly to members’ doors. If repairs are needed or the bike is stolen, it is replaced within 24 hours. This also saves families time and money, because according to the study, consumers who own a bike invest about €150 and 2 days of their time in repair and maintenance every year.
Availability and prices
Dance's subscription ebikes and mopeds are currently available in the cities of Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Paris. In Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, members now have the option to add the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat to their rental. This new feature will soon be launched in other Dance markets, too.
Ebikes are available on annual subscription from €49/ month, and from €79/ month with a flexible cancellation period. The child seat costs €9.99/month.
A growing movement
"At Dance, we want to create a global movement for safer, more people-friendly cities by offering flexible, convenient and environmentally friendly mobility solutions," says Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, CEO and co-founder of Dance. "Of course, this also includes addressing the needs of families with children. We want to grow Dance together with our community and take their feedback very seriously. Our members repeatedly requested child seats, and after a successful test phase, all Dance members in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich—and soon in our other cities—can rent the popular child seats from Thule to go with their Dance ebikes," Quidenus-Wahlforss continues.
Important notes on the use of the child seat Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi Frame Mount
The child seat is approved for children aged nine months to six years and weighing 9-22kg. The child must be able to sit upright without assistance, hold their own head up, and wear a helmet of the correct size. The presence of a child seat can change the way the bike bahaves, and riders may need to adjust the way they get on and off their ebike. Dance recommends checking all bolts to ensure the seat is still properly attached to your ebike. Riders should use all straps to secure the child and make sure they are not loose or likely to get caught in the wheels. Clothing, shoelaces, toys or parts of the child's body should not be able to touch any moving parts of the ebike.

*​​ The Dance - Ebike Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 2400 total general consumers living in or near major cities with 600 each in the following markets: Austria, The Netherlands, France, and Germany, between December 2nd and December 15th, 2021, using an email invitation and an online survey.

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