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“It was a no-brainer to provide our team with Dance scooters”
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Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Felix, Co-Founder and Managing Director at DeepDrive, a Munich-based high-tech startup founded in 2021 to develop motors for electric vehicles. 
Working in the e-mobility sector, Felix is acutely aware of the benefits of riding electric. We chatted about what it’s like to work at one of the most exciting German high-tech startups, why the best way to ride is electric, and the positive impact of choosing to rent your ride.
What does DeepDrive do, and what is your mission?
At DeepDrive, we address the biggest problems through disruptive technologies. We’ve developed a revolutionary motor technology for electric vehicles which increases the EV range by 20%, and significantly reduces their costs. It’s our mission to do our part in averting the climate crisis and enabling the automotive industry to drastically diminish CO2 emissions.
What are DeepDrive’s values? 
DeepDrive is high-tech, but down to earth: We believe that the best ideas are not simple but pure. Always reduced to the max. Never easy to find but definitely worth looking for. Or to keep it simple: more efficient, more sustainable and more possibilities.
What’s the coolest thing about your company?
We’re experiencing significant growth and a lot of attention from nearly all big players in the industry, which our team is super happy about. AND we offer Dance to all our full-time employees!
What’s the coolest thing about Dance?
Our Dance scooters make our commutes to the office super fast and super sustainable. Value-wise Dance is also the perfect fit for us as we know that we’re making smart financial decisions that align with our values.
Where is your office located? Do your employees work in the office, remote, or hybrid?
We need loads of space for our technology development. Therefore, we have high-tech facilities of nearly 1000m2 in Allach, a bit outside the city centre. It’s not too bad to get there with the S-Bahn, but it’s a lot faster (and more fun) with our electric scooters. Part of our team regularly works remotely. 
What made you choose a Dance electric moped?
We wanted to offer our team the flexibility of getting around the city in a cheap, easy, and sustainable way—and of course make their office commute faster and easier. As a company that develops electric motors, it was a no-brainer to provide our team with transport that aligns with our values.
How has a Dance ride changed your commute?
In summer, most of the team solely commutes with the Dance Moped instead of public transportation. It offers us so much flexibility! Especially when we have meetings in the city center during the day or need to pick up something close by (like cake from a local bakery for example).
When you get to work after a Dance commute, how do you feel?
Great, of course! It’s a good feeling to be alone with your thoughts before and after work, and even get some fresh air—unlike being stuffed in a tube for 30 minutes!
When do you use the Dance ride outside of work?
All the time! To go to the gym, visit friends, get groceries—you name it!
How did you find the implementation of Dance for Business as an employee benefit?
That’s one of the main reasons we chose Dance. There is basically no administrative overhead because it is all covered by Dance, so we can focus on our core business. This is especially important for fast-growing companies like ours.
If you had the opportunity to put up a large billboard in Munich with a quote from you about Dance for Business, what would it say?
Finally, no more dealing with canceled trains!

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