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Dance x MILES: Why mobility services should work together for more livable cities
Dance x Miles
We all have different ideas about what a ‘livable city’ looks like, because we all live differently. And the things we need to live well change throughout our lives, through the seasons, and even in the course of a day. That’s why a truly livable city is one that’s designed to meet everybody’s needs. It’s a city where people are free to move around the way that suits them best. It’s walkable, bikeable, drivable, with a well-connected public transport network. 
Dance’s vision of a livable city is one in which we’re less reliant on car ownership. We don’t want to eradicate cars—they can be very useful—but we want to see a more thoughtful, sustainable approach to car use. That’s why we’re proud to partner with MILES. MILES is a car sharing service on a mission to “become part of everybody’s mobility mix and to improve urban life”, and we’re offering each other’s members more choice and flexibility with some special deals.
Here are the top 5 reasons a mix of transport options makes cities more livable


Need a van for moving? A bike to get straight to the office? A moped for two? No matter what life throws your way, you’ll always have access to exactly the kind of vehicle you need without the hassle and expense of buying and selling.


You could save up to buy a car or bike and wait weeks and months for delivery. Or you could download an app to access a car instantly and order an ebike for delivery the same week. And you only use them as long as you need them. 


If you grew up with two cars on the driveway and a garage full of bikes, you’ll know they take up a lot of room and spend most of their time not in use. Using shared vehicles not only frees up space in your garage and on the street—if we all embrace access over ownership, it frees up space in our cities that the whole community can enjoy.


When we use sharing services (like MILES) and circular fleets (like Dance), fewer new vehicles need to be manufactured. The vehicles that are produced are used and maintained for their whole lives, and the result is a lot less waste. 


The costs of owning and maintaining a car or bike can really add up, with monthly insurance payments, gas, parking, cleaning, repairs, and more. It also costs time to keep up with the admin. With services like Dance and MILES, there are no surprise costs and very little commitment. So you can focus on getting where you need to go—and you only pay for what you use. 
Our journeys might look different, but Dance and MILES are heading towards the same destination—and this is just the beginning. So, for times when you need to go the extra mile, MILES is offering Dance members €20 of Miles credit when they sign up to MILES as a new member. You can access the discount code directly from your Dance app, under More > Partnerships. 
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