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More cities, more choices, more movement
A movement needs people to thrive, and after building up our founding community in Berlin, Dance will now start to welcome a global member base. Tell your friends in Hamburg, Munich, Vienna and Paris - just in time for spring, we’ll be offering our subscription in these cities!
And that’s not all - as well as expanding our global community, we’re also introducing two new ways to move through your city. 
The first is the Dance One Step, a low-step version of the Dance One. The Dance One Step still has the memorable features of the Dance One: multiple support modes and unique look, now with another frame option for comfortable city cruising: hop on and off with ease. 
We’re also thrilled to introduce a brand new vehicle option in Germany: the Dance Moped. It’s an electric moped that turns heads while providing a greener way to move through the city, transforming a functional commute to a fun one. 
Speaking of commuting, we’re proud to offer businesses a more sustainable way for employees to reach the office, with the launch of Dance for Business. Imagine a commute promoting healthy movement, freedom, and fresh air? With our new offering, your teams can enjoy an ebike or emoped ride to work. 
Finally, existing members will have already enjoyed our new in-app dashboard, and we’re excited for more to reap the benefits. Using the integrated phone mount, the Dance community can now track their speed, distance covered, and how long they’ve been riding, as well as the CO2 equivalent if a car commute had been chosen over an ebike. 
We are so excited for more people to try our electric mobility solutions - and it's still only the beginning of our journey. You can follow what's coming next on our social media channels, or take a look at our brand new website.
Interested in being part of the journey? We're continuing to hire a number of key roles across the business.
See you out there!

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