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Paris: Finance your Dance subscription with the sustainable mobility package
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Great news for Dance members in France: thanks to the forfait mobilités durables (FMD), you can claim up to €800 every year from your employer to finance your ebike or moped subscription.
As you know, at Dance we believe that the more people start using electric mobility, the more livable and connected our cities will become. In May 2020, the French government introduced a financial incentive that perfectly embraces this concept: the sustainable mobility package (forfait mobilités durables). To save you a visit to the government website, here are the answers to all your FMD questions. 

What is the sustainable mobility package?

The sustainable mobility package is a financial support scheme for employees in the public and private sectors. The idea: your employer covers part of the cost of your commute when you use environmentally-friendly modes of transport. And the best news is that Dance electric bikes and mopeds are covered by the scheme.

How much of my subscription will be covered by my employer? 

If your company has already signed up to offer the sustainable mobility package, you can get up to €800 per year. In the public sector, the amount is capped at €300. Depending on the terms chosen by your employer, the FMD payments can be made directly into your account alongside your monthly salary, or in the form of  mobility vouchers—a payment solution inspired by restaurant vouchers.

What if my employer doesn’t offer the FMD yet?

For the moment, the implementation of the sustainable mobility package depends on the goodwill of your employer. But many employers are still unaware this benefit even exists, so it’s always worth asking your manager. 

What are the advantages for me and my employer?

There are so many!
  • From an accounting point of view: the package is exempt from social security and tax payments for the company.
  • From the team’s point of view: switching from public transport and cars to an electric bike or scooter makes a lot of people’s commute shorter, cheaper and way more enjoyable. 
  • For workplace wellbeing: it’s a great way for employers to prove their sustainability credentials, make their team happy and attract new hires. According to a study commissioned by Dance at the Wakefield Research Institute, 53% of Europeans would love to work for a company that funded their ebike subscription.
  • From an ecological point of view: riding an electric bike or moped reduces the carbon footprint of your commute.

Can I claim the FMD as well as getting part of my transport ticket reimbursed?

It all depends on whether you work in the private sector or the public sector. In the private sector, good news: the sustainable mobility package can help cover your Dance subscription and your public transport subscription. Just remember that you can only claim up to €800 per year. If you work in the public sector, it’s not possible to benefit from the FMD and public transport reimbursement at the same time. 
That’s it! Now you know all about the forfait mobilités durables and how it works with your Dance subscription. And, if your company hasn’t introduced it yet, you now have all the arguments to make your case to management. 😇
Still have questions? All the information relating to the sustainable mobility package is available on the dedicated page of the Ministère de l’Écologie website.

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