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What to consider in The Great Reconsideration
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As the new year approaches, it’s a great time to reflect, especially on your career. And in 2022, 3 in 4 workers are considering a career change. 
And though may have dubbed it the Great Resignation, others have called the trend the Great Reconsideration – a time people are using to really prioritize what they want in a career: increased flexibility, balance and a mission people believe in. In a conversation with our teammates, we go into why these factors are so important, especially if you are considering a career change. 
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Flexibility first

“Dance has an amazing work culture,” said Arvind, a member of the Dance hardware team. He credits the “being remote first, its flexible work and holiday policy, to promoting transparency and openness” as positive factors.
Providing an environment that “makes room for all situations” helps make people feel “accepted as they are,” said Simon on the software team. It adds a “focus given to employee well-being” that’s enjoyable.
In fact, 33 percent of jobseekers are looking for flexible work, as reported by Business Insider – more than any other factor.

It’s about the team

It’s one thing to work with great peers. But when you’re working with really exceptional people, who are also “incredibly humble and accessible,” it’s unbeatable, noted Pandora, a people team member. 
The “diverse team of super smart people makes everyday exciting,” added Arvind, who noted that the wide range of professional backgrounds “allows us to get so many different perspectives” while driving collaboration.
The most attractive workplaces create best practices for effective remote collaboration; there are a few great tips here via The Harvard Business Review.
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Mission-driven by design

Choosing a values-oriented workplace is key for younger workers, as reported by a World Economic Forum report from its Young Global Leaders, noting changes in the way we work “call for greater investment by organizations in their employees to support them… Beyond their workplaces, organizations are also called upon to adapt their operations and strategies to tackle and report on the environmental, social and governance impact of their organizational policies.”
“Every person you work with believes wholeheartedly in Dance and its mission,” said Charlotte, a recruiter for Dance. She credits that spirit to adding to an atmosphere “that makes people want to do their best” and notes it creates a team player attitude.
“The mission of Dance really resonates with me,” added Lisa, another recruiting lead at Dance. “It’s wonderful to see this growing movement… It’s really exciting to be able to help build teams who are working on a physical product that we can see on the streets,” she added.
Fulfilling the mission of a company can also provide professional opportunities. Vincent on the software team noted, “There’s no blueprint to building an ebike subscription service, and building a system to help drive the adoption of more sustainable forms of transportation is a great challenge.”
Simon also posited, the opportunity to create software that has applications in the real world, not just online, is particularly compelling.

Our advice for anyone contemplating a job change?

“Look for a workplace that prioritizes flexibility, collaboration and values, and don’t be afraid to directly ask recruiters and hiring managers about the policies in this area,” said Clare, a member of the marketing team. “When I was looking for a new role, I asked the hiring manager about her approach to balance, and expectations of her team. Asking specific questions about how teams collaborated on projects, how holidays/PTO were approached and if working in alternate time zones was accepted helped me decide Dance was the company for me.”
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At Dance, we’re working to create a great place to work as we scale our mission. We’d love for you to join us in helping create more active and sustainable cities. Check out open roles here.

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