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Why emobility subscriptions just make sense
We know it’s tempting to possess the things you love, but the cost of ownership is steep. Not only is ownership hard on your wallet, but the other negative impacts far outweigh the perceived benefits of owning your ride. 
By providing personal transportation as a service, we lower both the financial cost and the environmental impact of ownership, while providing much-needed services like repair, theft insurance, and upgrades easily and on demand. 
Is access the new ownership?
Consuming is a thing of the past. Now, we are looking for the experience, without the weight of ownership. Not only is buying wasteful, but it’s expensive without giving us that much in return. This is why so many things are now available for subscription. Rather than paying one bulk sum up front and being left to deal with maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and insurance on your own, you can divide that cost into a monthly fee, and end up paying much less while getting much more. 
Best of all, you can guarantee that you’ll always have a great ride at your disposal! Not only do you always have access to your ebike or moped, but you also have 24/7 access to our service, which includes repairs, upgrades, and much more. 
Easy repairs
If you buy, you have to engage with and pay at least 3 types of businesses on a regular basis: repair shops, insurance companies, and bike shops. When you subscribe, you only deal with Dance, and all your needs are covered by our service. Punctured tire? Need a new light or basket? Stolen or damaged bike? Simply contact us through the Dance app and we take care of it quickly and contact-free.
Instant access to the latest models 
Electric bikes are expensive. Instead of saving up for months and years to afford your own, just pay the monthly membership fee and get an ebike delivered to your doorstep ready to ride. 
And you can rest assured that you’ll always have the latest model, as every time we make a software or hardware update to our Dance bikes or mopeds, we’ll apply it to the whole fleet. Which means that when the next generation of Dance bikes is launched, you’ll be upgraded to the latest model at no extra cost.
Woman with Dance Moped
Unlimited flexibility
With regular bike rental, you need to decide how long to keep your vehicle in advance. With Dance, just sign up and take things month by month — no pressure. And if you’re ever ready for a bit more commitment, sign up for the annual plan and your Dance subscription will cost even less. 
Planning to go traveling? Got a new job out of town? Not sure if you want to invest in a bike or a moped? The Dance monthly plan lets you stay flexible. We’ll take your ride away when you don’t need it anymore, and you can switch to a different vehicle if your circumstances change — it’s all part of the service. That means no buyer’s remorse, no need to sell your bike on eBay, and one less thing to worry about. 
Better for the planet
The average German has more than one bike. Take babies out of the equation and that’s a lot of people with more than one. If you only pay for what you use and then return it for somebody else to enjoy. And when your vehicle reaches the end of its life, we replace it and make sure the parts end up in the right place. 
Not only does ownership cost you more, but it is also more wasteful. Ebikes won’t last forever, especially if they aren’t maintained regularly and professionally. By renting your ride, you are taking part in a much more sustainable, sharing economy that allows more access for more people, while creating less waste.

Want to guarantee yourself a great ride, and the peace of mind that comes with it? Join us now and subscribe to your own ebike or moped.

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