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The Dance Awards: how did your city do?
World Car-Free Day 2023
To mark World Car-Free Day, we’re celebrating the five Dance cities that are a little cleaner, greener and safer thanks to our 10,000+ dedicated Dance riders. Welcome to the 2023 Dance Awards.
We’re handing out praise and prizes in a range of categories—from ‘most members’ to ‘most CO2 saved’. All data is accurate as of August 2023. 
Good luck to all the nominees… 
Biggest Dance Party award: Paris
France’s capital city isn’t just the home of Mona Lisa and the Moulin Rouge—it’s also home to the most Dance members. Shoutout to Berlin, which is a close second.
Hardcore Cyclist award: Vienna
Our Vienna members spend more time on their bikes than anyone else—an average of 90 minutes per week. 
Long Distance award: Berlin
It’s no surprise that members cover the most distance in our two largest cities—Berlin and Paris. 
Tiny Dancer award: Paris
Our Paris members are the most likely to be riding with an extra passenger. This city ordered the most child seats as an accessory. 
Carbon-Cutter award: Berlin
If you compare the distances covered on Dance rides with the equivalent distances in a car, Berlin saved the largest amount of CO2 emissions. But when there are more bikes than cars on the streets, every city’s a winner. 
Best Dressed award: Vienna
Vienna riders are personalizing their rides with the most extra accessories–like phone holders, phone cases, baskets, and child seats.
Miss Congeniality: Hamburg & Munich
It’s a tie! Hamburg and Munich, you may not have topped any of the tables, but you’re still two of our favorite cities to Dance around. 
Thanks to all the nominees for participating in the Dance Awards—we can’t wait to see you all again next year. 

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