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World Car-Free Day: Why we all benefit from a diesel detox
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What World Car-Free Day means to the emobility movement
Happy World Car-Free Day from the team at Dance! 
Marked annually around the world, it’s a day for celebrating the benefits of embracing a car-free lifestyle, and thinking about how our cities could look in future. 
There are many benefits to cutting down car journeys: active travel brings a host of mental and physical benefits, making people happier and healthier. Plus, there’s nothing like enjoying a closer, more intimate look at your city on two wheels.  
But perhaps more importantly, the impact of going car–free is tangible on the planet.
For example, did you know that cycling is ten times more important than driving electric cars for reaching net zero? And if the world adopted Dutch cycling habits—cycling 2.6km per day—global car emissions would be reduced by 20%? 
So when you choose a bike over a car, you’re playing an active role in the fight against climate change. 
By the way, we’re not anti-car. But we’re pro-way fewer cars. We’re pro-community over cars. And we’re proud to be part of the movement offering real alternatives to make that easier. 
Keeping the momentum going
At Dance, we’ve built a community of members who are actively fighting climate change, by choosing a sustainable way to move through the city.
And by "choosing a sustainable way", we have the receipts to show it - they've racked up over 3 million kilometres in rides since March. That's the equivalent of travelling round the earth 64 times, or flying to the moon and back four times.
To thank them for being part of our movement, we’re holding a giveaway on our Instagram channel with the chance to win an additional free year of their Dance subscription! 
If you’re a Dance member, you can enter by taking a  screenshot of your “Rides” screen in the Dance app, highlighting how many kilometers you’ve ridden (as well as how much CO2 you’ve potentially saved!), posting it to your Instagram Story, and tagging us at @danceofficial. We’ll select one person at random and will get in touch with the lucky winner. 
Remember, we can’t see your post if you don’t tag us, or if you have a private account. Good luck! 
Playing your part
Whether you’re a Dance member or not, we hope you enjoy embracing the benefits of fewer cars in cities this World Car-Free Day.
It doesn’t have to be drastic—try walking to the office, or cycling a few streets away to try that new coffee place. 
One small movement = one big impact. Enjoy! 

Inspired? If you’re ready to choose a sustainable transport option, explore our full range of electric rides here. You can find the terms and conditions of the giveaway here.

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