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How to ace your interview at Dance
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Dance recruiters Charlotte, Pandora and Lisa about how to get the best out of your interviews.

Our recruiters look for these qualities in potential candidates

Strong motivation, curiosity, and the ability to tell your career story with flair: these qualities will help you stand out from the crowd when you apply for roles at Dance.
Whether you're curious about working culture or opportunities to diversify your skillset, having questions about life with the company is never a bad thing. As Charlotte highlights, "We want you to show us you've done your research and ask questions!"
Lisa adds that it's also positive to bring along examples of when you've worked on yourself, too. "We're interested to hear about moments during your studies or professional life where you've identified opportunities for improvement, optimisation, or innovation"
Motivation-wise, personal alignment with the Dance mission to build more livable cities also goes a long way. After all, who doesn't want to work on a service making an impact?

Even if you don't hit 100% of the criteria, there's no harm in applying!

If you've seen your dream role at Dance but aren't sure you hit all the expectations, don't be put off: every one of our recruiting team agrees that you should still go for it - and as Charlotte encourages, "Don't undersell your skills"!
Lisa takes a very human approach to recruiting for Dance: "Candidates are people, and we are all very different. One particularly strong skillset you have could more than compensate for a development area that the team could support you in improving."
Pandora agrees that the potential for growth can also be a strong green light for hiring a candidate: "We also like to look for high potential candidates, so someone who might not have all the skills required, but has high potential to learn quickly!"

Don't underestimate the importance of doing your research

Stress and pressure can be detrimental for thinking on your feet during an interview. Advanced preparation won't just help you stand out as a committed candidate - it'll also help you feel more confident on the day.
Pandora advises reading up about the company in the days leading up to your interview. "Look who you are going to be speaking with, think about questions that are likely to be asked and think of relevant examples from your experience in advance."
Try looking at the website, Dance social media channels and recent press to get a feel for the product, values and audience of the company.

Expect a collaborative conversation - not a one sided exchange

As a growing company, Dance has a rigorous recruitment process. But understanding the value of your time, Dance aims to keep it quick, and without unnecessary stages.
Lisa explains, "Expect to meet with a few people from across your future team and the broader business. There will be multiple interview stages, starting with an HR screening call. We often include a case study or technical interview component which follows the Hiring Manager interview.
She added "We find that this interview type not only gives us really great insight into how the person will perform in the role, but they also get a sense of what it would be like working with their potential future colleagues."

At the interview stage, be yourself!

When interviewing for a job you're truly excited about, a combination of nerves and eagerness to impress can get in the way of making a real impression. But our recruiters say this is exactly the opposite of how you should behave - we want to get to know you!
Pandora's parting advice is: "Bring your authentic self to the interview. It's like dating. The best outcome is when it's genuinely a great fit for both parties!"

Dance is hiring across functions. If you're interested in joining our movement, please visit our jobs page for more information.

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