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Diving into Dance data: More want to ebike, but current buying models aren’t ideal
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Though we may still be in the thick of winter, many are getting through by planning what spring will bring: including the opportunity to cycle more. And as ebikes gain more popularity around the world, many are contemplating making the switch in order to reap the benefits: research from Norway shows people who buy an ebike more than double their use of bicycle for transport. 
More ebiking, according to doctors, reduces the risk factors for a number of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, some cancers, and Type II diabetes.
So what’s stopping people in Europe from making the plunge? Traditional purchase and sharing services may not be for everyone. 
Dance worked with Wakefield Research to ask consumers across the Europe about their commutes, and found three key findings*.

Health is a priority, but it isn’t easy enough

It’s no secret that staying healthy, both physically and mentally, is everyone’s priority as our world continues to weather a global pandemic. Our research found 71 percent of Europeans want to move to a commuting option that allows them to have a healthier lifestyle like using an ebike, but 61 percent wished the process of buying a bicycle was easier.

Cycling is seen as an investment – or a sunk cost

Just because you buy an ebike doesn’t mean the spending is done, and that includes regular cycling. Forty-one percent of current bike owners expressed concern about the cost of ownership beyond the initial purchase price.
Almost 9 in 10 (86 percent) noted they made unexpected payments to maintain or repair a bike – spending an average of 147 Euros to maintain a traditional bike.

But ebikes still remain attractive

Though the humble bicycle can incur multiple costs, even without a battery, Europeans recognized the ultimate need for an ebike. They cited multiple reasons to ebike:
  • Less physical effort needed to complete daily trips (49 percent)
  • The ability to ride longer distances as compared to a regular bike (34 percent) 
  • And most importantly, they recognize choosing an ebike is more environmentally friendly compared to other vehicles (29 percent)
So what’s the solution to introduce more cycling into your life?
For those who want to try an ebike and get its benefits, there are ways to get the freedom and convenience of ebike travel without the responsibilities and high initial cost.
Services like Dance empower members to subscribe to an ebike on a monthly basis, no long-term commitments required. With included repairs and maintenance at your doorstep included in a membership, Dance makes it easier to choose a more connected, active and mindful commute – and lifestyle. 
Check out the service, live in Berlin and Hamburg. And stay tuned: we’re expanding to more cities in 2022.

*​​The Dance - Ebike Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 2400 total general consumers living in or near major cities with 600 each in the following markets: Austria, The Netherlands, France, and Germany, between December 2nd and December 15th, 2021, using an email invitation and an online survey.

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