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5 reasons your next bike should be a step-through
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Step-through, open frame, drop frame, low-step, Dutch bike…whatever you call it, there’s a lot to love about step-through bikes. Here’s why we think the Dance One Step is the perfect electric city bike.

Made for stop-start cycling 

As a city cyclist, you’re always hopping on and off your bike: at traffic lights, to run errands, to grab a coffee. And it’s a whole lot easier when you can just step right off—no gymnastics involved.  

The best shopping buddy

Carrying a whole week’s shopping home is effortless with any Dance ebike. But if you’ve got a basket full of groceries, you can mount a step-through without tilting the bike and losing your balance (or your apples).

Skinny jeans-friendly 

There’s a reason professional cyclists wear lycra—it’s much easier to swing your leg over a top tube in stretchy fabric. But if you want to wear denim, long coats, formal workwear or some MC Hammer-style balloon pants, a bike frame you can step through is the safest option. 

It’s just comfortable

Your riding position on a step-through bike is more upright. It’s easier on your back, puts less pressure on your hands, and lets you see more of your surroundings. And when it comes to speed, there’s no difference between a step-though and a diamond frame bike when they both have the support of an electric motor. 

It’s perfect for parents

If you’re attaching a child seat to your bike, the Dance One Step is the safest option for both of you. You can get on and off without tilting the bike or catching your leg on the top tube or the seat.
So, if you’re looking for a city bike that can handle anything—from tight pants to small kids—the Dance One Step will be right up your alley. 
And if you’re already riding the Dance One bike (with the crossbar), it’s not too late to switch. Just ask for a Dance One Step through the concierge in your Dance app and we’ll change your bike free of charge.
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