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Baby on board? 10 tips for safe cycling with a child seat.
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The Dance community asked and we listened: now you can add a child seat to your Dance One or Dance One Step bike.
Electric bikes make it easier than ever for parents and caregivers to cycle with a child on board. The extra support makes for effortless riding—even with the added weight—so you can focus on getting to your destination safely. 
Thinking of cycling with a little passenger? Check out our 10 tips for safe trips:

Choose the right seat for the child

Our child seat is made for children from 9 months to 6 years of age, weighing 9–22kg. The child must be able to sit upright and hold their head up without support.

Choose the right seat for your bike

This one’s easy if you order through us. Just add a child seat as an optional accessory at checkout and we’ll fit a Dance-approved rear-mounted Thule child seat to your bike. 
If you’d rather buy your own, the following child seats are approved for use with both Dance bike models: 

Get a professional to fit it

Nothing is more important than you and your child’s safety. When you order a child seat through Dance, a qualified mechanic will fit it securely to your bike. 
Bear in mind that our service doesn’t cover fitting store bought child seats and that you’ll need to remove all non-Dance accessories from the bike whenever you book a repair. 

Practice getting on and off

A child seat can change the way you get on and off your bike—especially if you’re used to tilting it or swinging your leg over the back. Go on a few solo rides to get used to it before traveling with a child. And if you’re a Dance One rider struggling to clear the crossbar, you can always switch to the Dance One Step through the app by contacting concierge.

Find your balance

The weight and movement of another person on the back of your bike can affect how it behaves. Find a safe, quiet street to practice mounting, dismounting, setting off, turning and braking with a child on board. Only hit the road when you’re feeling comfortable and confident. 

Make safety checks before every ride

Make sure all the screws are tight and there’s no wobble in the seat before you set off.

Always wear a helmet

That goes for both of you. Children grow quickly, so make sure they always have a helmet that fits properly.  

Strap in

Fasten the child into the seat securely using all of the straps. Any loose straps could become trapped in the bike’s wheels.

Look for things that could get caught or thrown

Make sure the child’s clothes, shoe laces, toys, arms and legs can’t touch any of the bike’s moving parts—or fall into them.  

Have fun together! 

Order your own Dance bike with a child seat for just €9.99 extra per month. And if you’re already riding, email and we’ll fit one as soon as we can. 
Child seats are currently available in Germany. Paris and Vienna: they’ll be with you very soon.

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