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Celebrating one year of Dance
Paris Summer 22
Last summer, there were just a handful of test Dance rides on the streets of Berlin. As our team added the finishing touches to our product, we had no idea what was around the corner. 
One year later, we’re celebrating the first anniversary of Dance launching! And as we prepare to celebrate our first Danceversary, we’re feeling pretty proud of how far we’ve come from the pilot test days. 
More cities
For one, we’ve expanded from the streets of the Hauptstadt, growing far beyond a Berlin-based membership to a truly global community. March saw Dance launching in Hamburg, Munich, Paris and Vienna, giving more like-minded people the chance to choose a new way to move. Half a year later, we’re proud to have thousands of members across Europe. 
More rides
Another highlight was offering more ways to move. Just in time for spring, we introduced the Dance One Step and the Dance Moped. Both new options were fundamentally like the original: fully electric, on a flexible subscription, offering a greener, more sustainable way to navigate the city. Over on Instagram, we’ve loved seeing members enjoy their rides for the first time, whether it’s the first cruise on a moped, or a race through the park on an ebike. 
More insights
As our community has grown, we’ve been working to listen to their wants and needs, and to adjust our offerings accordingly. One of our first ways of actioning their feedback was by introducing more insights to our in-app dashboard to create a richer, smoother experience for members. With the update, members could track all their ride data, including the CO2 equivalent if they had chosen a car for their commute instead. 
More features
More recently, we partnered with Swedish outdoors giant Thule to offer child seats. We heard our community of parents loud and clear, and worked hard to provide a safe, efficient, and fun solution for even the smallest members of the family. As one of our members on Twitter put it: “this is how you know a Dad runs Dance!” 
More to come
A year on, what’s next for us? Even as our Danceversary celebrations continue, our international team continues to work hard to improve the Dance product and service offerings—all while having a lot of fun throughout. 
For updates, you can keep up with Dance on social media to stay in the loop of what’s coming in the next year. 
Until then, here’s to our team, our members, our investors, and to our community of supporters across the globe—we can’t wait to keep moving with you. 

We might be a year in, but the journey is still just getting started. Get your own Dance membership today, and join the movement towards more livable cities.

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