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Curious about the Dance Moped? This is for you.
Summer campaign - woman and moped
Does this sound like you…?
“I want a moped, but I’m not sure how safe they are.”
“I’d worry about my moped getting stolen.”
“It looks so cool, but I’ve never ridden one before.” 
We totally understand. Getting an electric moped is a big decision, especially if you’ve never tried one before. So here we are to answer all your questions about Dance’s most powerful ride and make that decision easier.
Do I need a motorcycle license to ride the Dance Moped? 
You can ride an electric moped if you have one of the following valid European driver’s licenses:
B (standard car driver’s license)
AM, A1, A2, A (motorcycle and moped)
Can I try it before I subscribe?
Of course! When the Dance driver delivers your moped, they’ll give you a thorough introduction to how it works and you can try it out for yourself. If you’re not comfortable, just tell the driver and they’ll take it back. Your subscription will be canceled automatically and you won’t be charged for anything. 
How safe is it to ride an electric moped?
The Dance Moped is a high-quality electric scooter built by one of the world’s most-trusted manufacturers, so you’re in safe hands. Its tires are designed to be safe in all weather conditions, including water up to 230mm in depth.  
Even so, every kind of vehicle comes with risks, especially on busy city roads and in poor weather. Just make sure you’re wearing shoes with good grip, keep your arms and legs covered, and be aware that roads become slippery when wet or covered in leaves. 
Wearing a helmet is compulsory under German law—and we strongly recommend our French riders wear them, too. 
You can find even more moped safety tips in this post.
Do I need to buy my own helmet?
You can add a helmet to your Dance Moped subscription for €9.99 per month. 
How do I charge the moped’s battery?
The battery is removable. You can easily take it out and charge it from any regular indoor power outlet. It takes around 6–8 hours to recharge fully. 
How fast does the moped go?
On the Dance Moped, you can reach a top speed of around 45 km/h.
Where’s the best place to keep my moped? 
Ideally, your moped should be kept in a dedicated bike shed, garage or inner courtyard. That’s not always possible if you live in a city, so if you do park it on the street, try to leave it in a well-lit residential area. 
What’s the best way to lock the Dance Moped?
The moped has a steering lock, which is activated by turning the handlebars to the left and then turning your key all the way to the left. For extra security, you can activate the moped’s alarm when the battery is inserted. 
Do I need special insurance?
Your Dance subscription includes cover in case of theft, vandalism, or accidents caused by the rider (Vollkaskoschutz in Germany, assurance casco complète in France) with a deductible of €300. If your moped does get stolen, we’ll do everything we can to trace it first. 
What happens if I have an accident?
If you have any sort of accident with your moped, you’ll find support through the Dance app. If the moped is damaged or you’re unable to ride it, the Dance team will collect it from the site and replace it as soon as possible. 
Why should I get a moped?
We love bikes and mopeds equally—whichever one you choose just depends on your lifestyle.
The main benefits of a moped are:
You can travel further
With the long range battery, you can travel up to 70km on one charge.
You can travel faster
The speed limit for ebikes is 25km/h. An electric scooter lets you reach up to 45 km/h.
Saves you energy
Compared with cycling, you hardly have to move your legs at all—just sit back and let the moped do the work.
It’s made for two
The Dance moped seats two people, so you can take a friend along for the ride. It even has extra footrests so they can travel in comfort. 
It’s more planet-friendly
Compared with cars and gas scooters, electric mopeds contribute to way fewer carbon emissions. 
I already have a Dance bike, can I switch to the moped?
Absolutely. Just contact us through your Dance app and we’ll arrange to switch your subscription from the bike to the moped. 
So, now you’re an expert on the Dance Moped. Ready to get your own?
Hol dir dein E-Bike
If you have any more questions, get in touch with us via email at or through the concierge in your Dance app.

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