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Dance is now on TikTok!
Drum roll, please… 
With a brand name like Dance, it was only a matter of time…we’re excited to let you know that we’ve finally started our own TikTok channel! 
Of course, we’ve started our presence there with a little more than busting moves in mind (although we make no guarantees that it won’t happen from time to time). 
What our community can expect  
As you know, we’re passionate about advancing the movement towards the livable city. We started our electric mobility subscription to provide conscious citizens with a sustainable, flexible way to play a role in that movement. 
But what we’d love to explore is the livable city itself. What is a livable city? What steps are our cities taking to become even more sustainable? 
With an optimistic perspective, we’ll share more about what exactly makes our cities special, how they can improve, and the great strides already being made in improving their livability. 
We’ll also be including some handy how-tos, tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Dance ride, and your membership as a whole. For example, what do you need to pack before winter cycling? What is the point of choosing subscription over ownership? 
You’ll also get a peek behind the curtains at life with Dance, and the people who make our company a rewarding place to be. 
Of course, we’ll be doing all of this “the TikTok way”: lighthearted, fun, and peppered with joy. 
Where to find us: 
To join the fun, our handle is @ridewithdance_ — we’d love to know what you think. See you there! 💜​🕺​

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