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Hello, Berlin!
Today is a meaningful milestone for us at Dance: we’re launching our full service ebike subscription in Berlin, alongside our very first ebike model, the Dance One.
We're excited to show Berlin — and the world — how together, we can create cities with citizens that are healthier, happier and more connected.
When we first started talking about what we wanted to do after SoundCloud and Jimdo, we knew we wanted to directly address humanity’s greatest challenge today: the climate crisis.
At the same time, we've always loved cycling and are lifelong technology enthusiasts: we wanted to enable more people to see first-hand the advancements in the industry. We wanted to bring cycling to more people, not just enthusiasts. Already, more people are rediscovering the bicycle — and the bicycle itself is being reinvented. Even before the pandemic, interest in cycling had been rising, and in particular, ebikes are getting more attention than ever before because they give people the freedom to travel faster, farther and more flexibly, at distances previously only reserved for cars.
We see an opportunity to completely transform the way we live. Ebike usage is associated with healthier communities, but ownership is perceived as a hassle: ebikes can cost thousands of euros, while needing special parts and providers to fix, maintain and store.
We believe in a better way to move. And we invite you to join in as part of our community; after all, not one solution or single person can improve our world; a movement needs people to thrive.
With the help of our investors, partners, teammates and pilot members, for the past year we've been building our movement: we’ve been testing prototype ebikes, building out our concierge service and recruiting experts to join us in our ambitious mission of creating more livable cities.
What exactly is a livable city? For us, a more livable city is one designed for people, not cars. One where people are more connected to themselves and each other, and opportunities for joyful movement are plentiful. A more livable city is a dynamic community in which citizens build a thriving culture together instead of just driving by.
And though creating more livable cities may seem like an impossible dream, we know it’s possible with the help of our future members, partners and others passionate about creating a better world.
There’s no better city than Berlin to start: the people, the startup scene and the infrastructure here is perfect to begin with.
We hope to leave the world a better place while making our world better today. And many feel the same. Though it may seem like an overwhelming task, at Dance we believe that by encouraging just one small change in an everyday habit — shifting to an ebike lifestyle over a car commute — can help us decarbonize our planet.
As we scale the Dance service, introduce new models and launch in other markets, we hope co connect with thousands, if not millions of others who want to join us in our mission.
We’ll see you out there, changing the world while having some fun exploring our city, Berlin.
Alex, Christian and Eric

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