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How to ride safely in winter weather
Illustration: woman + child cycling in the rain
Plan your route
Stick to familiar routes with designated bike lanes and good street lighting. When it’s dark or wet outside, potholes and obstacles can be hard to spot. 
Keep an eye on your battery level
The battery powers your Dance ride and its lights—and you’ll be needing those lights much more in the darker months. If you’re planning a long trip, make sure your battery’s fully charged before setting off, or take the charger with you. A little extra weight in your backpack is better than a long ride home in the dark. 
Tip: If you’re worried about the battery running out before you reach home, switch to a lower speed setting to save power. 
Layers, layers, layers!
Stay warm without feeling too bulky by layering smartly. Start with a thermal layer, then a mid layer, and top it off with a waterproof outer layer. That way you’ll be prepared for any type of weather, while still being able to move freely. 
Always use protection
If you’re not already wearing a helmet every time you ride, this is definitely the time to make it a habit. We recommend the Hövding airbag helmet. It’s worn around the neck, so you don’t have to decide between wearing a helmet or your cozy winter hat. 
Do you feel seen?
It’s always a good idea to add some reflective clothing or accessories to your outfit for extra visibility, especially if you usually ride in head-to-toe black. 
Go slow and steady
We know it’s tempting to set your Dance ride to top speed and zoom past all the other commuters, but this is the season to take things slow and keep a close eye on the road. Look ahead for wet, slippery leaves and patches of ice on the road. 
Keep your ride in top shape
When cycling through the colder months, you need to keep an extra close eye on the condition of your ebike or moped. That’s where we come in. If you’re unsure about anything, reach out to the Dance concierge service via the app. Our mechanics will be there within 48 hours to get your ride road-ready again, whatever the weather. 
If you don’t feel safe, stop
Your safety is the most important thing. If the rain is so heavy you can’t see, or the road feels too slippy under your wheels, stop riding. You can take a bike on most public transport with the right ticket, or leave your bike or moped securely locked until the conditions have improved. 
Our top 3 favorite accessories for warmer autumn riding:
Warm gloves
Vaude’s lobster claw glove-mitten hybrids will keep your hands toasty and dry in all conditions. 
Waterproof bag
This super-flexible Aevor bike bag will keep your laptop safe from the rain. And the purple color looks great on a Dance bike. 
Waterproof clothing
When the heavens open mid-ride, it’s your legs that take the biggest hit. RAINLEGS know nobody wants to carry a full pair of rain-proof pants around with them, so they came up with a better solution that’s easy to slip on when things get slippy.

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