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How to ride your Dance One safely (and stylishly!) throughout winter
As temperatures drop, you might be getting excited for cozy movie evenings under a blanket, or the lights and fun of the Christmas markets. But while the seasons are changing, your commute doesn’t have to - in fact, we’d say an active commute can be just as joyful, even after the clocks going back.
Continuing to ride your Dance One means enjoying all the mental and physical benefits of an active commute during the seasons when our moods can often take a dip. And even if your morning ride to work might be darker than usual, there’s still something magical about seeing the city wake up while the sun slowly rises. 
But riding an ebike in typical winter conditions requires slightly different preparation, and knowing just where to start can be confusing. That’s why we’ve put together the following tips for riding safely throughout the winter, so you can continue to Dance in all conditions (and tag us in your snow cycling shots when you do!) 

Plan ahead

Give your commute some extra thought before leaving - after all, there's nothing worse than getting stuck in a downpour without a waterproof layer, or finding out that it’s several degrees colder than you thought. Taking a few extra moments for thoughtful packing means being prepared for the right conditions, leaving you less time to stress about the cold, and more to plan the most scenic route . 

Stay warm - and layer wisely!

While the urge to throw on a cozy knitted sweater might be strong, you’ll feel much more comfortable opting for the layering system - that’s a thermal layer, mid layer, and waterproof outer layer. Following those steps will make sure you’re both warm and comfortable, and prepared for both a hint of rain while staying cozy.
Dance Senior Product Manager Johan recommends the Buff scarf, which can be pulled over your nose for extra warmth, as well as the Rainlegs thigh protection, while Backend Engineer Jess recommends the Lobster gloves.

Be visible

When the weather is overcast, it’s important to see and be seen. Investing in outerwear with reflective material won’t just be an extra layer of clothing to shield you from the cold - it’s also an important step for your safety, helping you be seen by other cyclists and drivers alike. 
This also extends to your ebike - before you ride, double check your lights are functioning properly before setting off. If there’s anything not right, skip the ride and get in touch with the Dance concierge to schedule a speedy repair. 

Take it slow

When cycling in cooler conditions, it takes your body a little longer to warm up. As tempting as it is to hit the pedals hard, take your time, especially in wet and snowy climates. 
Plus, as Marketing Working Student Hannah adds, it's always worth being extra mindful of wet leaves on the streets.

Keep your ebike maintained!

When cycling through the colder months, you need to keep an extra close eye on the condition of your ebike, particularly the moving parts like the chain, gears, cables, hubs and bottom bracket.
Thankfully with your Dance One, you don’t have to maintain it yourself - instead you can reach out to the concierge service via the app. Our mechanics will make sure your bike is in the right shape to get you from A to B, whatever the weather. 
What are your tips for cycling in winter? Share your favorite hints and let us know on social! 

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