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Introducing Dance for Business
Service shoot - woman on step bike
At Dance, our mission is to help create more sustainable and connected cities. Key to that goal is empowering not just individuals, but other businesses to do the same. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce Dance for Business, an easy-to-use platform leaders can use to offer smarter, more sustainable travel options to their team members. 
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The future of work: Leveraging benefits to attract and retain talent 

Employers face a challenging landscape today. More than 50% of employers say that the biggest threat to their business is finding and retaining talent; at the same time, employees are holding companies to a higher standard: 60% of employees consider the employer’s stance and actions on environmental issues “very important.” 
A survey conducted with Wakefield Research noted that 53% of Europeans would work for an employer that offered an ebike subscription as a benefit.
Unique benefits can be a great lever to attract and retain talent, and offering an ebike or emoped subscription to your team can benefit them in several ways.

Engaging your employees can be easy and fun

The best benefits are simple. Dance for Business requires no minimums, no admin. And your team—our members—get their own tech-connected ebike with included repairs. 
Plus, it’s fun: you can book a demo by filling out this form.

How it works

Dance is available in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich; with Vienna, Paris and additional markets coming soon.
Flexible payment structure: Get one monthly invoice and choose to… 
  • Fully cover memberships, starting at 67€/month (excl. VAT) per employee.
  • Take advantage of salary conversions, allowing employees to save up to 55% on the monthly subscription price.
  • Combine both partially cover memberships and employees pay the rest.
Less admin, more fun!
  • We’ll give you all you need to drive awareness.
  • Team members just click on a signup link and manage their own subscription. 
  • Track who’s using the benefit with a monthly statement.
  • Cancel any time—no minimum term required.
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