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Looking back at 2022: a year of more cities, more vehicles, and more fun
Dance frame + lights
It all started in the summer of 2021, with a handful of test riders who conquered the streets of Berlin on Dance's first ebikes. One year later, our vehicles are on the road in three countries and counting, and we've been able to inspire thousands of new people with our cause. What else are we proud of? Here comes our review of the year.    
We brought Dance to more cities
From the beginning, we had our sight set on cities far beyond our capital, so we could grow into a truly global community. In March 2022, the time had finally come: our subscription model was launched in Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, and Paris! By being present, we can reach more like-minded people who will join us in creating sustainable urban spaces. 
Our fleet grew 
It all started with an e-bike, the Dance One, to be specific. And in the spring of 2022, we finally had the pleasure of presenting you with two more vehicles: The Dance One Step ebike and the Dance Moped. Also designed and built in Germany, they're the pride and joy of the Dance family and at least as popular with our members as the original (judging by your many Instagram posts!). 
New and improved insights from the app
Contacting the concierge service and booking repairs was just the beginning. Early on, many users expressed the desire for more insights into their journeys. So, we pulled out all the stops to present you with a new and improved dashboard. Since March, you’ve been able to track your trips and keep an eye on speed, travel time, and even CO2 consumption compared to your car. 
New accessories for the little Dancers
To ensure that even little ones can enjoy the Dance experience, we teamed up with Swedish outdoor experts Thule this past summer. Since then, parents (and grandparents) have been able to easily add the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat to their ebike without having to worry about compatibility or safety. 
TikTok Dancers
TikTok is known for its dances, but believe it or not, that’s not why we joined. In fact, it was so we could take you with us on our journey towards more sustainability and quality of life in our cities. We also post tips and tricks for our Dance ebikes and moped, so you can get the most out of your rides, while having some fun with the process. Check us out and give us a follow at @ridewithdance_.
Our service in the leading role 
A lot has also happened on the Dance YouTube channel in 2022. We're especially proud of our new explainer videos. In the leading role: Dance's uncomplicated all-round carefree service. In short clips we show you what our ebikes and moped can do and how it actually works with registration, delivery, and repair. Click here to go directly to the playlist.
Google & Co. ride with us
Free fruit and pizza days don’t attract talent these days. That's why we launched Dance for Business in 2022. It allows companies to offer their team Dance subscriptions as a benefit. And this year, among others, we've enlisted three global players in our mission: electric motor revolutionary DeepDrive, employer benefit service Swile, sports and wellness platform Urban Sports Club, and (no explanation needed here) Google.
Thank you 2022, hello 2023!
Last but not least, one piece of news made us particularly proud this year: In the start-up brand ranking of the renowned advertising agency Jung von Matt, we're ranked 11th among the strongest start-ups in the German start-up scene — and number 1 in the mobility category! 
This shows us that we're on the right track. We look forward to making Dance even better and our cities even more livable. We thank our team for their hard work, our members and investors for their support, and everyone on the waitlist for their patience. If you would like to make a new year’s resolution that is as fun as it is accessible, check out our rides and join the movement.
Here's to 2023 and more limitless fun!

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