Bike in Hamburg

"Hamburg is a bike-sized city" Meet Nick, Hamburg City Lead

Learn what motivates Nick and his team to make it easier to explore the Hanseatic city with an ebike

20.01.2022 · Clare

EyeEm - cycling in Berlin 1

How six cities around the world became greener in 2021

Through the challenges of 2021, these cities kickstarted initiatives embracing a more sustainable future.

03.01.2022 · Flo

Model on cycle path

Reflecting on Dance in the news in 2021

Celebrating and spotlighting more livable cities in the news

22.12.2021 · Clare

Christian Springub

Moin Hamburg!

Nach erfolgreichem Launch in Berlin startet Dance eine exklusive Pilotphase in der Hansestadt

17.12.2021 · Christian


Meet the engineers behind Dance: Nynke

From social sciences to software: how one Dance engineer carved out her career

08.12.2021 · Clare


Five sustainable holiday gift ideas

From owning a beehive to a green way to move around the city, there’s now a host of choice for thoughtful gifts with a sustainable edge.

08.12.2021 · Matilde

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What to consider in The Great Reconsideration

Considering a career change? Dance team members give their advice for what to look for

06.12.2021 · Marketing


How do you build culture in a remote-first work environment?

Dance’s chief people officer and mindfulness trainer Julia Carloff-Winkelmann, shares her advice for building connections between colleagues online

05.12.2021 · Clare

Dance Founding Event Member

Dance macht mit der neu eingeführten Geschenkfunktion die Feiertage in Berlin noch grüner

Geschenksuchende können ihre Liebsten ab sofort mit einer Mitgliedschaft beim Full Service E-Bike-Unternehmen überraschen

01.12.2021 · Marketing

Trio with bikes

Five inspiring reads on creating more livable cities

Dreaming of greener, more sustainable cities? Us too. Try these books for more inspiration (and share them with your friends when you're finished!)

26.11.2021 · Flo

Group shot - right size

How to ace your interview at Dance

Ready for a new challenge? Our recruiting team gives their tips and advice on landing a role at Dance.

23.11.2021 · Flo

Josua landscape

What’s it like to be a Dance intern?

As students gear up to find roles for the spring semester, Dance’s class of 2021 shares internship advice.

04.11.2021 · Marketing

Playful cities

Why we need playful cities

As we return to work, creating more playful cities is more important than ever.

18.10.2021 · Krystin Arneson

Growth at Dance

Growth at Dance

Dance raises additional €16.5 million from Eurazeo, additional angel investors to help fulfill mission of creating more livable cities.

28.09.2021 · Eric


Hello, Berlin!

For our launch city, the ride begins today.

31.08.2021 · Eric

Porträt von Caterina Kiehntopf

„Mehr Berlinerinnen und Berliner sollten wissen, wie schön es ist, die Stadt mit dem E-Bike zu erkunden – und Dance macht es möglich.”

Ein Interview mit Caterina Kiehntopf, General Manager Deutschland.

20.08.2021 · Flo

Feeling isolated post covid

Feeling isolated post-COVID? Five ways to reconnect with your local community

Building belonging in your city neighborhood has never been more important — here’s how to get started.

13.08.2021 · Hannah

Heading back to the office

Heading back to the office? How to return to your commute this fall

Elevate your journey to work from necessity to self-care opportunity.

13.08.2021 · Flo

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