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Lock it and leave it: How to prevent bike theft
The best thing about subscribing to Dance is that you get a quality ebike that you don’t have to worry about. If anything happens, we’ll repair or replace it in no time—and if it’s stolen, our theft insurance covers most of the cost. 
But if you’ve got places to go, you never want to find that your Dance ride has gone missing. Keep your ebike safe with our theft prevention tips:

Lock your bike to something sturdy

Especially if you’re leaving your bike on the street, make sure it’s secured to a bike rack, strong railings, or any solid object that can’t be moved or easily cut through.

Lock the wheel and frame together

When securing your bike to a bike rack, put the chain lock through one wheel and the bike’s frame. This makes it harder for thieves to remove individual parts of the bike.

Let there be light

If you’re parking on the street, leave your bike in a well-lit area with a lot of foot traffic.

Use an extra lock

Your Dance bike comes with a heavy chain lock as standard. If you feel you need extra security, feel free to add your own chain lock or U-lock. Just make sure that you remove any store-bought locks before booking a repair.

Remove the battery

If you’re using your Dance bike for short errands, it should be safe to leave the battery inserted. If you’re leaving your bike unattended for a while, or parking in a high-risk area, take the battery with you. It makes the bike less tempting to thieves and you’ll pay a lower deductible if it does get stolen. 

Take the accessories with you

Does your Dance ebike have a basket, phone holder, or extra clip-on lights? Remember to remove them when you leave the bike unattended.

Bring your bike inside

If you have a garage, cellar, or enough space in your home, keep your bike indoors for extra peace of mind. Even inside, it’s a good idea to use the lock—especially if other people have access to the space. 

And if your Dance bike does disappear…

Stay calm and open the Dance app. Send us a message as soon as you can through the in-app concierge or email with the details of where you last saw your bike. We’ll work with the authorities to locate it. And no matter what happens, we’ll make sure you have a replacement Dance bike within days.
Standard insurance is included in every Dance subscription. If your bike is stolen and can’t be recovered, Dance covers most of the cost. You only pay a deductible of €300, or €500 if the battery is also stolen. With full cover insurance, you won’t pay a thing and ride with 100% peace of mind. A full list of deductibles and fees can be found here.
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