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Reflecting on Dance in the news in 2021
Model on cycle path
As we close out 2021, it’s time to reflect on the exciting moments that made this year a great one for both Dance and communities interested in making the world a more active, connected and sustainable place.

Promoting entrepreneurship with Chancellor Angela Merkel

Two of Dance’s co-founders, Alexander Ljung and Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, had the privilege of joining a virtual panel of founders with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to promote entrepreneurship with European students. Alex and Eric discussed the future of entrepreneurship and later created an online class for those in German universities curious about startups. 

Hello, Berlin!

In 2021, Dance officially rolled out its service and ebike to Berlin, which you might have heard about in TechCrunch. We also welcomed the region’s General Manager, Berlin native Caterina Kiehntopf
Die Welt even named Dance’s holiday gift option as a great last-minute gift for any Berliner in need of something for their stocking, too!

Helping people learn more about ebikes

Though ebikes are trending, they are still a new technology to many. Our head of hardware JT Burke spoke with The Next Web on the advantages of a removable ebike battery. 

It’s in the stars

Dance welcomed great additions to the investment team in 2021, including retired football player André Schürrle, who spoke to Sifted about why he invested in Dance: “I invested in Dance because of the great opportunity. Not only are more consumers looking for easy, sustainable transportation options, but around the world, more cities are investing in cycling infrastructure. Plus, as an athlete, I wanted to encourage more active lifestyles; ebike users tend to cycle further and more often than traditional bicycle riders.”
And - it’s a lot of fun! Check out Andre with his Dance One in this video

Continuing the conversation about climate change

As part of news outlet Die Zeit’s #ZeitFurKlima online conference, Dance’s CEO shared his point of view on how startups really can make a difference, while Dance COO Christian Springub shared his founder journey with Gründerszene, part of Business Insider.
Here’s to spotlighting more sustainable tips, tricks and highlights for 2022 and beyond! And to keep up to date with Dance in real-time, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. And check out Eric’s summary of the year on his LinkedIn

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