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The best way to deter bike thieves is to read this article…
Guy locking Dance One
Good news: if anything happens to your Dance bike, our standard insurance will cover most of the replacement cost, and you’ll get a new ride delivered within days. 
So why lock your bike properly if you’re covered by Dance insurance? Great question! Because if anything happens to your bike when it’s not securely locked (if it’s found with the lock intact, or your lock has been removed without force), you could pay a fee of up to €2000.
And nobody wants to pay deductibles or fill in police reports. So to save yourself the stress (and save our bike recovery team some work), the best way to protect your bike is to learn to lock it properly—wherever you park and whichever type of lock you use. 

Lock your bike whenever you’re not riding it

We know, it’s tempting not to lock up when you’re just running into a store and can keep an eye on it from the window. But your bike should be properly locked whenever you leave it.

Park in a well-lit public place

There’s safety in numbers. The more people around, the less opportunity thieves will have to steal your bike.

Always lock your bike to something sturdy

Especially if you’re leaving your bike on the street, make sure it’s secured to a bike rack or immovable object. Just make sure the object can’t be cut through, and that the lock can’t be lifted over it. And remember, if you lock the bike only to itself, it can be picked up or wheeled away.

Lock the rear wheel and frame together

When securing your bike to a rack, pass your lock through the frame and one wheel—ideally the rear wheel. Never lock through the wheel alone, as the rest of the bike can be taken very easily.
Locking bike and backwheel together to a sturdy thing

Fully scramble your combination

We know it’s quicker to change one or two digits when you’re just leaving your ride for a few minutes—but not scrambling your combination thoroughly is one of the most common causes of bike theft. If something is easier for you, it’s also easier for thieves.

Never ever put your lock around the seat post

Yep, we know it’s the easiest option, but the seat—and therefore your lock—can be removed in seconds.
Bike seat post lock with red cross

Double check your lock

Give the chain or U-lock a tug to make sure that it’s correctly inserted into the barrel before scrambling the code. It sounds like common sense, but we’ve all made this mistake at some point!

Keep the lock off the ground

When it’s lying on the ground, your lock can be more easily damaged. And, as an added bonus, keeping your lock off the ground protects it from passing dogs who might be interested in the lamppost your bike is chained to.
Bike with lock on the ground - Wrong!

Remove your accessories and battery

If you’re leaving your ebike for more than a few minutes, and especially if you’re leaving it overnight, take the battery and accessories with you. If these are stolen, there’s a fee to replace them—and we’d rather you spend your money on fun things.

It’s safer inside

If you have a garage, cellar, or enough space in your home, keep your bike indoors for extra peace of mind. Even inside, it’s a good idea to use the lock—especially if other people have access to the space.

Give your bike a change of scenery

If you leave your bike in the same place for a long time, thieves may assume it’s not in use and it’s more likely to be targeted. Make sure to change your parking spot from time to time.

And if you have a chain lock…

If the lock feels loose, wrap it around itself or part of the bike so that it’s a tighter fit. This makes it harder for thieves to attack it with tools.
Phew. You made it to the end. We can’t guarantee 100% that your bike won’t get stolen—but following these tips will greatly reduce the chances. We hope you’ll use your new-found locking knowledge to keep your Dance bike a little bit safer, and that you’ll spread the word to any cyclist friends who might need a refresher. 
And, if you’d rather ride with 100% peace of mind, you can always add Dance’s full cover insurance for €9.99/month. If your bike was locked properly and anything happens to it, you won’t pay any deductibles. To switch to full cover, contact the concierge team through the Dance app, or send us an email at 
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