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Contact and FAQs

If you have any questions regarding our vehicles or our subscription, please message our Concierge from inside the Dance App or email us directly at Additionally, you can find answers to common questions below.

How does Dance work?

Dance is a subscription electric mobility service. Your monthly membership fee provides you with your own ebike or emoped and access to our Concierge Team, who repair and maintain your vehicle at no additional charge and as quickly as within 24 hours.

Unlike traditional ownership or shared services, Dance gives you the advantages of having your own ride, with the flexibility of a membership you can turn on and off when you want.

How much does Dance cost?

Memberships are flexible at Dance, and include your own eride alongside signature service from our Concierge Team.

Limited-time introductory prices for new customers and new markets are as follows:

Ebikes start at €49/month for a yearly subscription or €69/month for a flexible subscription

Emopeds start at €79/month for a yearly subscription or €99/month for a flexible subscription

Regular pricing will reactivate later in 2022:

Ebikes start at €59/month for a yearly subscription or €79/month for a flexible subscription

Emopeds start at €89/month for a yearly subscription or €119/month for a flexible subscription

Accessories cost:


Helmets: €9.99/month

Topcases: €9.99/month

Long range battery: €14.99/month


Basket: €2/month

How do deliveries work? Do I need to assemble anything?

During the signup process, choose your preferred delivery date, time and address. At your delivery time, our operations team will deliver your eride to you, no assembly required.

What makes Dance different?

Dance makes choosing a greener commute easy. Instead of investing in an ebike or emoped with high upfront costs and bearing the responsibility of maintaining it, you simply subscribe to an eride on a monthly basis. And unlike sharing services, you get your own vehicle instead of relying on companies placing vehicles in your area.

You can turn membership on and off, and the subscription comes with delivery and maintenance. All communication is done through the powerful and easy Dance app, which also gives members insights into their rides: speed, distance and how much carbon dioxide they would have used if they had chosen a traditional car trip. Dance members can choose between an ebike or an emoped.

What payment methods does Dance accept?

Dance works with the online payment platform Stripe on secure payments. We support all major credit/debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. As we expand globally, additional options will become available.

How do I charge my Dance eride?

Dance erides have a removable battery and charger that come with your delivery. The charger works with all standard outlets and will allow you to charge your battery in your home or office, wherever is most convenient for you.

Charging the battery from empty to full takes approximately three hours for ebikes and seven hours for emopeds.

Can I share my Dance ebike with a friend/family member?

For best performance, we recommend each ebike is only used with one mobile phone at a time. We're looking into ways to easily allow members to share access to their ebikes with friends/family and will share more should that feature become available.

Can I use the Dance ebike as a courier or for my delivery business?

As per our terms and conditions, commercial use of the Dance ebike is not permitted. However, businesses interested in potentially offering Dance to their employees can learn more here.

What accessories can I use with my ebike and emoped?

For ebikes, we provide an optional mobile phone mount; also, there's an optional back basket, with an additional 2 Euro/month charge. For emopeds, you can choose to add a long-range battery (lasts up to 70km), helmet, or top-case to your Dance subscription. We do not recommend adding additional accessories, and damage from them could incur additional fees. Select child seats are approved for use with Dance ebikes, but must be purchased and installed by members. Dance has tested many child seat models for compatibility, safety and fit with our custom-built frame. We'll be adding to this list in the future so feel free to check back in.

The following rear frame mount child seats are currently approved for use with the Dance One ebike:

Thule RideAlong

Thule RideAlong Lite

Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi (frame mount)

Please note: No rack mount child seats or front child seats are approved.

At this time, we do not recommend hauling trailers or carts with the Dance One. However, we are considering other accessories for future models.

Can I get a spare battery for my Dance eride?

At this time, we do not offer spare batteries for the Dance ebike or emoped. However, the removable battery typically only takes three hours to reach a full charge from 0%. The battery charges faster if it is not depleted.

How do repairs work?

You can arrange for repairs on the Dance app. Next, lock your vehicle in an outside area that is accessible, but still secure. A mechanic will then locate your bike with your instructions and repair it within 24 hours on weekdays, with weekends and holidays taking up to 48 hours. Please note: you will not be able to use your vehicle once you've booked a repair, but you do not need to be present during the repair. Please note that you may incur a fee if you book a repair but your vehicle is unable to be reached.

Do I have to be present for a repair?

No. Our mechanics can unlock your ebike or emoped remotely so you do not need to be present for a repair as long as you lock the vehicle in an accessible area, such as a public bike rack. You will receive an email and push notification once your eride is fixed and ready to go.

Can I get repairs from my local bike shop? Or, can I do repairs myself?

Please do not repair your Dance eride on your own or bring it to an unlicensed shop. To fully benefit from our replacement and repair service, all repairs and replacements need to be done by Dance mechanics. Simply book a repair through the app and one of our mechanics will be with you.

What is the service area of Dance?

The service area is as follows:

Berlin service area

Hamburg service area



Paris Service Area

Can I use my own lock?

Your Dance erides come with their own locks and we recommend you always secure your eride safely. You are also welcome to use your own locks for additional security, but our mechanics are only able to service the Dance lock. IWhen you book a repair, please ensure you do not have your personal locks on your emoped or ebike, otherwise the mechanic will not be able to service your ride.

Can I use my own tire pump?

Yes, you can use your own tire pump. Our tires use a standard car valve and should be pumped to a pressure of 3 bar.

Can I remove the battery from my Dance eride?

The Dance ebike and emoped batteries are removable and only accessible via a lock. When you park, we recommend you take out the battery and keep it with you.

How long does the battery last?

Though battery life will vary due to factors such as road conditions and temperature, a full charge for the Dance ebike should last about 55 kms. For the Dance Moped, the range can vary from 40 to 70 kms.

Is the ebike handlebar adjustable in angle and height?

At this time, the handlebar is not adjustable, but the ebike seat is.

What is the maximum rider weight for the Dance One? How about the Dance Moped?

The maximum rider weight is 120 kg (approximately 260 lb) for the Dance One and Dance One Step. For the Dance Moped, cargo and passenger weight combined is a a maxiumum of 269 kg (approximately 593 lb).

Does Dance manufacture its erides?

The Dance ebikes are custom-built ebikes designed for personal city use. The Dance Moped is made by NIU, a leading electric mobility company.

When will Dance come to my city?

We've been pleased by the interest in Dance and are not able to welcome everyone just yet. As of Spring 2022, we are expanding our service area in Berlin and Hamburg, and launching in Munich, Vienna and Paris. As soon as new vehicles and markets become available, we will let you know if you've joined the waitlist!

More cities will launch in the future.

Can I test the ride before buying?

At this time we do not offer trial or test rides, but you can sign up for a vehicle and try Dance membership during onboarding. If you don't want it, you don't have to keep it and you don't need to pay any fees—just tell our concierge team.

How do I cancel my membership?

We would hate to see you go, and please let us know if you change your mind! To cancel, tap Settings in the Dance app and select Cancel membership. The app will then guide you through the steps to prepare your vehicle for pickup.

What is the notice period for canceling membership?

Your membership is paid month-to-month and starts when you receive, not reserve, your eride. For example, if you receive your ebike or emoped on February 15 you can cancel your subscription without incurring an additional month until March 14, otherwise the subscription extends until April 14.

Do I have to sign a contract in order to get membership to Dance?

To subscribe to Dance, simply sign up on our website and when an ebike or emoped is available, we'll need your payment details—no contract or commitment required. You'll only be billed as long as you're an active member. You can manage your subscription in the Dance app, under Subscription. For those who prefer a yearly contract, we have that option too, and provide a lower rate.

When will I be charged the subscription fee each month?

In the Settings section of the Dance app, tap Subscription. Here, you'll see your next billing date. Cancel before that date to avoid future charges.

Why was my card charged before I received my ebike or emoped?

In order to reserve your eride with us, Dance will place a hold on the credit card provided for the first monthly membership fee after the online checkout process. When you receive the bike, you'll be charged the monthly membership fee moving forward. For some credit card providers, the hold will appear as a charge on the monthly statement. Please work with your credit card provider first for any questions about billing.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Dance membership?

Germany and Austria: Ebikes


Germany: Emopeds


France: Ebikes


Are there fees for stolen/lost items?

With your monthly membership fee, repairs, delivery, maintenance and part replacements are included. However, we charge the following fees, outlined here.

What happens if my ebike or emoped gets stolen?

Message the concierge immediately on the Dance app and let us know your eride may have been stolen. Include the following information: where you last parked, when you last saw your eride and when you last used it. We will immediately start investigating and let you know about the next steps.

Who is responsible if my ebike gets stolen while parked in publicly accessible place for a repair?

If an ebike is properly locked in a public place for repair and gets stolen, the member is not responsible for the fee.

What should I make sure I do before riding my ebike or emoped?

Here are our top tips for enjoying a safe ride:

Wear a helmet: It’s the smart thing to do.

Charge and secure the battery: Having a full charge will make sure your ride is joyful and easy.

Check the brakes: Like a true cycling pro, make sure you test the brakes before every ride.

Keep aware of your surroundings: Biking on city streets means there are cars, other cyclists and pedestrians to keep track of. Make sure you follow the rules of the road and ride safely!

Lock your eride: Keep your eride secure by locking it correctly, using racks and appropriate parking spots.

How safe are Dance ebikes and emopeds?

Dance ebikes are designed in Germany and adhere to German safety standards/regulations. The Dance Moped is manufactured and tested by NIU, a leading mobility company that follows industry best practices for testing and safety.

Is insurance included in Dance membership? What does it cover?

Membership to Dance includes theft protection, subject to certain deductibles (see list here). 

In addition, our emoped subscription includes mandatory liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung).

What data does Dance collect on its members?

Dance collects contact information for authentication and billing purposes. We also leverage location information to support the app experience and theft recovery, while using diagnostics and usage data to improve the products. We use security and privacy best practices.